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Welcome to Iala's wacky webpage!

Iala is currently a Harper Apprentice on the wonderfully spiffy game of Dragonsfire MOO. For disclaimer purposes, the World of Pern (c) and the Dragonriders of Pern (r) are both registered trademarks of Anne McCaffery, and should not be messed with. DF runs with her permission. It's a lot of fun!

Woo! On 12/19/00, Iala finally got promoted after a long five-month IRL wait by Masterharper Allegria! Let the partying - er - studying commence!

Reddish gold hair corkscrews to just below her pixie chin, her gray eyes peering with only mild curiosity from beneath the finely arched brows that rest beneath those curly bangs. With the family's discreet nose, and the occasional splattering of a freckle, one could almost call her facial features cute, including the pert smile that comes with the package. Medium sized in heigth, her slender form makes no effort to betray rough callouses on her hands. Her complexion takes more of a whitish hue, almost as if she's been denied the sun's glorious rays. Although womanly curves have set in all the correct places, there's a certain sparkle in her smile and bounce to her step that betrays childish innocence.