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Iala's scared to death of firelizards. They can peck your eyes out, they're almost like dragons only smaller... And then she Impressed one of her own.

Green Mimi (Budding Teenage Talent Hatchling)
A figurative blanket of innocence coats the verdant hide, rays of wavering light shooting across the mossy depths of her back. The piny abyss of her stomach is at odds with the gentle tips of ferny green that cover both slender limbs and reach their fingers up to tug at spectacularly bright wingsails, while her forked tail is contrastingly colored in sage. The innocence that radiates has an almost fake taste, the tang of metallic preffering to spend its time moving in leisurely silver lines across the ivy-leaf green of her snout.

If Iala happens to get over her lizardphobia anytime in the next few months, we'll see if she Impresses any more firelizards. :)