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You can pick your friends, but not your relatives.

Mother: Journeywoman Winemaker Rhakal (NPC)
Father: Journeyman Winemaker Ian (NPC)
Foster Mother: Holder Ysabel
Foster Father: Holder Mort
Brothers: Han (NPC), Kalan (NPC), Iakir (NPC), Riahal (NPC), Kilan (NPC), Ilian (NPC), Kian (NPC)
Sisters: Rhia (PC), Rikai (NPC), Nalia (NPC), Halli (NPC), Ihali (NPC), Anili (NPC), Laki (NPC)
Foster Sister: Suzan (NPC)
Roommates (all NPC): Suzan, Desdemona, Anges, Derina

If you would like to play any member of my current NPC family, please don't hesitate to email or MOO mail me! I'm always seeking to increase the size of that family, too - if you have any suggestions, send 'em on over as well!

Iala's thoughts concerning Laki, the eldest sister, can best be summed up in William Shakespeare's famous line: "If she were to live until doomsday, her hair would burn a week longer than the rest of the world."