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Charis' Story
Firelizards of Doom
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Journal of a Healer


Golden hair, fine and delicate, falls gracefully to a narrow waist, red streaks weaving a magical spell through the locks. Under finely arched and pencil thin brows, emerald eyes peer at the world from oddly slanted depths. A small button nose is splattered with the occasional freckle, and her thin lips are oft parted in a gentle smile, which only serves to make her pointed chin all the more peaky. Standing at only medium heigth, somehow she appears taller, more majestic. No sculpter could ever duplicate her posture and pose, nor the gracefulness of her redwort stained hands and still paler limbs.

Useless Info:
Mentor: Master Miriani
Mentees: Apprentices Jexa and Jazi
Favorite Food: Bubbly Pies
Favorite Drink: Wine (of course)
Favorite Pastime: Par-tay! Woo!
Favorite Color: Bright Orange


Muhahaha! Welcome to Charis @ DF's webpage! Dragonsfire MOO is a fun, online roleplaying game that's set in Anne McCaffery's world of Pern (which, by and by, is copyrighted, as are the Dragonriders of Pern). Currently, Charis is a Journeywoman Healer at Healer Hall, and is having far too much fun pursueing her Mastery, partying, and corrupting the apprentices. RP is always welcome!

For those inquiring minds, I'm not the Charis from HT or the Charis from VP or any other Charis from any other game. I'm just Charis. :)

I'm also having guestbook difficulties - if you want to drop a message, go to one of my other character's webpages and sign their guestbook with Charissie comments.