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Firelizards of Doom
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Journal of a Healer

Journal of a Healer

That's right - Journeyman Healers are now being required to keep a journal of their IC travels/teachings. *NOTE* All of these entries existed off camera. If you would like to have Charis pay your character a visit and teach you a bit o' the Craft, please don't hesitate to MOO mail or email me!

Early Fall:
When will Holders ever be able to grasp the basic concepts of healing? Under the direction of Master Rislan, I paid a visit to a farmer couple living on the outskirts of Fort Hold - reminded me a bit of home, and my own family. Anyway, the wife - I can't recall her name as of the moment - is well into the first trimester of pregnancy, and for the first time, too! How I wish that I had a midwife there to patiently explain to the woman about proper care for herself and the babe - the lady is utterly ignorant about such things herself. Unfortunately, her own mother - her own step-mother, even - have both died recently, and she has no older female to go to for advice. I did my best, explaining to her that a healthy diet and plenty of rest would be essential, and if she simply could not keep her food down, she should come immediately to the Hall. On the way back home, an accident deterred me - a silly teenaged boy cut his finger while carving wood. I was able to bind the wound without too many problems, and I was sucessfully able to stitch it up once back at the Hall. Thankfully, there were no major casualities in the Infirmary waiting for me, so I was able to rest for the remainder of the day.

Early Fall:
Things could have been worse, but I am having a hard time imagining it. A Holder ended up severely cutting his leg with a scythe - we ended up having to amputate. The blood isn't clotting as it should, however, and no matter what we do, the blood is still flowing. I'd place my marks that he won't survive, and if he does, it will take him a long while before he leaves our care. The minute I was off of Infirmary duty watching over him, I had to treat a food poisoning victim - the silly little twit "forgot" that she wasn't supposed to eat anything with heavy seasoning in it. No vomiting had to be induced, thank Faranth, but it was a while before I was able to get it out of

Early Fall:
We lost the leg-amputatee early this morning, while Hywlla was on watch. I slept in, having been on duty since Faranth knows when last night. It was a mircale that I could stay awake in Master Ynna's class that I was assisting. To make the day even worse, Ynna sent me up north to a remote cothold to help out with a fever victim. The runner was swift, and the journey was pleasant - I managed to sweat the fever out of the poor Holder lass, but it will take a few days of rest before she'll be fully recovered. If only every day could be this boring!

***Everything just mentioned is all made up - none of it was rp'd, and Charis can be found referencing to them every now and then. The information given should not be used in a real life situation.