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Charis' Story
Firelizards of Doom
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Journal of a Healer

Charis' Story

Otherwise known as "Someone Else's Story"

Some of the early facts regarding Charis' early life are a bit hazy, but it basically comes down this: young Holders Chaina and Risdan decided that they wanted an 'adventure' just to defy their parents. As a result, Chaina got pregnant and promptly handfasted Risdan, but there was still some gossip about their first daughter's "premature" birth. Thus, Charis was welcomed into the world with a lot of people saying Not Nice(tm) things about her parents.

A quiet and serious child, Charis was hidden under clouds of suspion by her elders and playmates - most of which did not understand just exactly /why/ she wanted to be serious. Afterall, it was a very loonie cothold just outside of Fort Hold that she came from, and everyone began to mutter darkly.

She quickly gained two other sisters, Saera and Dania, although both of them quickly went out for fosterage to a nice couple in Telgar. Quickly, however, Charis moved up to the Hold itself and took in residence as the scribe. After a Turn of that mess, however, she decided that her interests actually lay in helping other people in the form of healing.

Apprenticeship for Charis was quite easy, and in two Turns she had worked her way up to Journeyman. It was, however, unpleasant to be around her - she had the attributes of a snob, she was a know-it-all, and she expected perfection from everything that she did. It wasn't until she was sent down to Southern Boll for a posting did she realize the error of her ways, and promptly set about re-stylizing everything Charissie about her.

A Turn later, she decided that she needed to corrupt an apprentice, and that she wasn't seeing enough action down at Boll. So she turned in her letter of resignation, packed her bags, and moved back to Fort. For many many months, however, she was unable to find a mentee, until Jexa got initiated into one of the oldest Crafts on Pern and adopted Charis.

Through her messes of partying, teaching, and corrupting, Charis now lives la vie bohem, and continues to have a horrid taste in colors.

It was back in November of 1998 when I typed in the word 'Pern' into an altavista search. The result: Teza @ HT's webpage, which provided me with a useful link to DF. While idly clicking around the screen, I hit the 'telnet' link, and a new world opened up before my eyes. Within two weeks (on November 16th, to be exact), I had created Charis as my 'tester' to see what was up.

Charis' on camera history is a bit painful, considering the fact that she didn't actually develope until nearly two years had passed. I orginally wanted her to be a dragonrider, but the thought crossed my mind sometime that maybe I didn't want her in that position, afterall. In a blind, newbie-ish mistake, I set her down at Fort Hold, and promptly fell in love with Healer Hall next door. Eventually, I got my transfer, and soon I had an Apprentice running around.

In some ways, reaching Journeyman was almost easy - I took the classes, I did my report, I got it rejected, I submitted another one... Life went on, and I lost interest in this alt, until she received her new knot. Then it was down to Southern Boll on a posting, and needless to say, I never rp'd down there. It was fun, but in some ways, I wasn't exactly enjoying myself. Afterall, I was beginning to want the pressures of teaching, so I moved Charis back up to her Hall where I could pursue getting my mentee.

Eventually that came in the form of Jexa, which was a blessing. One could not, in all honesty, ask for someone spiffier. So now Charis has a /fun/ personality to play, and I'm having great fun yet again with my first character.

I've got a bad habit of thinking about my characters in terms of musicals, but Charis just screams the song, "A Model of Decorum and Tranquility" from "Chess". She's a complete contradiction of the Healer stereotype - she parties, she throws fits, she loses her mind, and she's more human than most of my other characters.