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The brokenness has done its best to become mended in this young woman, despite her twisted lower back and deformed left leg. Fine, black hair once again falls in sinister waves down her back in a single, severe braid, often coiled to avoid distraction. Facial features, from the proudly arched nose and thin mouth, have returned to their classic look. Under finely chisled brows, her violet eyes are still mirrors, although her pixie chin has steadied. Small at her five foot heigth, one could almost think that she was making an effort to appear taller than she truly is. The odd, golden tan has once again returned to her pale skin, even as it sticks to her delicate bones. As it is, she appears to look more like an human and less like a statue.

A green crystal ball.

Peer into the crystal ball to view, well, a crystal ball!

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What's up?

Welcome to Adria's own insanity! For those of you who are wondering, Adria is one of my many characters on Dragonsfire MOO, an on-line role-playing game centered around Anne McCaffery's Pern. (And yes, Pern and the Dragonriders of Pern are both copyright by Anne McCaffery, 1967.) Gosh, it's a lot of fun!

For those of you seeking a bit of background information, Adria was born in Telgar Weyr, and after an accident that left her crippled, she moved to Ista Weyr. As fate would have it, a few Turns later she found herself getting the Headwoman's knot. Everything else can be found in her other history section.

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