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About Adria
The 'Lizards
Annoy Me
The 'Lizards

Adria never wanted a firelizard. They were annoying. They demanded attention. And then, she ended up getting three of her own.


Warrior paint marks this slim-boned archer, the dark smudges of blue accentuating his elven form and the sleek, close muscles that bind those long bones. Armored in pale cerulean beneath those darker stripes, his wings are palest with their starlut silver sails. This firelizard is born and bred for the hunt.


Long, abnormally long, would best describe this blue 'lizard. Shades of navy blue coat him in a scarecrow's garb, patched here and there with bits of sky. His long tail is different in contrast; it appears to have been dragged through blueberry paint, with some of it swirling and melting off to leave quite an odd looking pattern. There doesn't seem to be a trace of grace about him, despite his charming looks. Constantly restless, his deep blue talons are always scratching on something or other, be it humanpet or bedpost.


Talons, coal dark and spurious, anchor this writhing pretzel of coruscating kinks and angles; all unchaught wildness and innate seduction, illusion but traces the tortured knobs of her green limbs with a faint flicker of sunlight. Tangled twists of jungly hues unsettle her willow-thin frame, corksrew up the elegant curves of her neck, and twist and twine in haphazard ribbons down to the end of her tail.